Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to the <Cowboys from Hell> Blog/Website! Were a friendly raiding guild thats accepting any level and class in preparation for cataclysm raids.This page will have everything anyone could need to know about wow, Along with some stuff about the guild and various stuff like that.

What's all these crazy Shenanigans?
-This is a free way for me to compile all the good data about wow thats out there, into 1 simple website than anyone can use.

Wheres the "Search Bar"?
-Well this is supposed to be a blog, but i'm using it as a website. So if you need to find something Look for the tag is should be under(i.e. Ulduar is going to be under "Instances") and either Hold Ctrl and press F and look for it that way, or just scroll down the page and find it the old fashioned way.

Wait a second, this site looks like a bunch of links?
-Well, thats because it pretty much is. Theres so much good wow info out there i didn't see the need to rewrite it all, So i made an "outline", gave you a quick overview of it and then the links for the good stuff. This makes it easier for yall to Get to the good stuff without having to sort through the bad stuff(and trusts me.. theres alot of bad stuff out there).

Websites to know-
WoW's Community Site